Tax Preparation

Geek Style Solutions offers tax preparation and tax planning services for individuals, businesses, estates, trusts, and non-profit organizations.


Personal Tax Preparation

Preparing your own tax return may sound like a good way to save money, it often ends up costing you in the long run by missing valuable credits and money-saving deductions. While tax software offers some assistance, there’s no substitute for the experience of a qualified professional when it comes to tax preparation. From simple to complex tax returns, Geek Style Solutions has you covered.

Business Tax Preparation

Geek Style Solutions is here to help small business owners to understand what you can and can’t write off. Have your business income tax returns prepared professionally by Geek Style Solutions because we understand the needs of your business!  We use the latest tax software and tax research to ensure your return is up to date with the most current tax code.

Estate Tax Returns

Geek Style Solutions is here for your estate tax returns, for both Federal and State. We meticulously prepare these types of returns and file them on time to avoid penalties.

Non-Profit Tax Preparation

We possess the skills and training to prepare Form 990 tax returns for non-profit organizations like churches, charities and trade associations.

Personal Property Tax Preparation

We will also prepare your annual personal property tax report and make sure you take advantage of ways to save on these taxes.

Drop Off / Pick Up Tax Service

At Geek Style Solutions, we let you drop off your tax information and pick up a completed tax return within just a few days – so you’re in and out before you know it, with the confidence that your taxes are done completely and accurately.

Senior Citizen Tax Materials Pickup and Delivery

If you’re 65 years or older, we’ll be happy to pick up your tax materials and deliver your tax return completed, ready for mailing. If you have a senior family member, be sure to tell them about our service.

April 23, 2017

Heather is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and delivers an exceptional client experience. I have worked many years in the luxury automotive industry and Heather delivers a "luxury" client experience at an affordable price. I would highly recommend Heather to anyone needing business or personal tax preparation services. Additionally, I believe Heather is a great asset and strategic partner for any business in need of professional accounting or payroll services. Heather is passionate about her business, puts her client’s needs first, has a high level of integrity and possess a very strong business acumen that will deliver the results you need.

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Let's Get Started!

The process is easy. Let's get together and start streamlining your accounting and tax prep today!

Let's Get Started!

The process is easy. Let's get together and start streamlining your accounting and tax prep today!