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What is Geek Style Solutions?
Well, to start off… we are Geeks!

Geek Style Solutions is a Maryland company that specializes in income tax preparation, affordable payroll processing and small business accounting.

At Geek Style Solutions we strive to make your life easier by providing quality service, competitive pricing and excellent customer care.

We’ll also share ideas and techniques from our years of personal experience and continuous research to help you save tax dollars and streamline your personal and business finances.

Geek Style Solutions is the new standard in accounting. We believe in having a good time while doing what we love, and we love what we do!

Bio of Heather Maguire
Heather MaguireHeather works hard and tries not to take herself too seriously. She is also very short and a horrible dancer. Think Elaine from Seinfeld.

What Heather lacks in disco and breakdancing skills, she more than makes up for in accounting. A career accountant, Heather has spent the last 17 years boogying down to save her clients time and money with innovative income tax preparation, payroll services and accounting. Heather also keeps up on her education by learning every detail about the new tax laws, so no opportunity slips past you. Heather’s passion is keeping your accounting clean and your taxes lean.

Bio of Krista Schultz
Like a true Libra Krista is just, loyal, dependable, and prefers balance. She loves leopard print, chocolate, Red bull, animals, power tools, and organizing EVERYTHING.

She comes from a family of successful business owners… imagine My Big Fat Greek Wedding meet Home Improvement.

Krista attends Stevenson University, Brown School of Business and Leadership; and after a few more classes will be graduating with a BS in Business Administration (if she survives tax season).

Her commitment to education has been recognized with multiple academic scholarships, along with awards for her scholastic achievements, and induction into Sigma Beta Delta (International Honor Society for Business, Management and Administration) and Sigma Alpha Pi (The National Society of Leadership and Success).

Krista is looking forward to working with Geek Style’s clients, learning everything that Heather can teach her, and together running the most successful Geek empire!

While receiving the L. Roland Strum Scholar award for Leaders, Investors, and Entrepreneurs; the nominating business teachers, Mrs. Stewart, describes Krista perfectly, “Krista can be somewhat quiet in class, but when called upon she doesn’t hesitate to offer her opinion based on her understanding of the material or her personal experience as a manager of a small business. She stands out initially due to her impeccable look and extremely long (and very detailed) fingernails, but it doesn’t take long to realize that her brain is just as sharp as her appearance, if not sharper. It’s been an honor having Krista in class…” Professor Stewart (Carroll Community 2014)

Bill Costlow
April 23, 2017

Heather is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and delivers an exceptional client experience. I have worked many years in the luxury automotive industry and Heather delivers a "luxury" client experience at an affordable price. I would highly recommend Heather to anyone needing business or personal tax preparation services. Additionally, I believe Heather is a great asset and strategic partner for any business in need of professional accounting or payroll services. Heather is passionate about her business, puts her client’s needs first, has a high level of integrity and possess a very strong business acumen that will deliver the results you need.

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Let's Get Started!

The process is easy. Let's get together and start streamlining your accounting and tax prep today!

Let's Get Started!

The process is easy. Let's get together and start streamlining your accounting and tax prep today!